Luciano Gelisio

Luciano Gelisio has been designing and making each of his creations since the end of the sixties when he began to produce his own self-taught bags in London, the city where he met Antonella, a partner in work and in life, with whom he will later create MANGO, a real brand of handcrafted bags and belts, whose name originates from an African plantation that fascinated him.

After years of practice and artistic growth, Luciano and Antonella arrive in Tuscany, the beating heart of leather goods and land of skilled tanners who constantly improve the quality of our product. Luciano and Antonella open the laboratory in Rosignano Marittimo where they have been working for more than 30 years, flanked by two employees who follow the processing at every stage to create a high quality product, one of a kind, entirely made in Italy.

In the laboratory Luciano "designs", cuts and "builds" by hand. He makes the prototype and based on this the production is organized. The bags are cut, assembled and sewn entirely by hand, which is why in the laboratory we produce approximately fifteen bags a day that are treated in detail. Above all, the care and selection of materials is essential for Luciano (leathers, fabrics and straws); with these he creates unique bags and belts destined to last over time and improve over time, for women and men who like to stand out, paying attention to quality and guarantee of origin.

Luciano loves looking for new innovative and creative forms: every year he renews his collections and produces unique pieces, made with rare leathers or with exclusive accessories with shapes that are anything but banal. For some years now, the Collections have been designed, conceived and created by four hands with the entry into the company of Olivia, the younger daughter Di Luciano and Antonella.

Today we live in a world where many of the objects that surround us are mass-produced. We are seduced into buying low-value merchandise rather than long-lasting handcrafted products. Unfortunately, you risk losing the ability to recognize high quality materials and work.

In a world that is gradually losing the ancient concepts of art, effort, experience, manual skills, creativity and experimentation, Luciano has always maintained his identity as an artisan, guaranteeing his products the mark of originality and true Italian quality.



Because we use first choice materials. Vegetable tanned leather is the leading material of our production. Its yield over time is exceptional, to the point of becoming even more beautiful with prolonged use. Another essential quality is its sustainability; in fact, vegetable tanning considerably reduces the environmental impact caused by leather processing. The entire production process, from design, to cutting, to sewing, to finishing, is carried out by hand by us and by our employees in our laboratory.


Because we like to think that each of us is unique and special; that's why we love to create bags that highlight this diversity. When we talk about a unique piece we mean a product that we made in a moment of inspiration, impossible to replicate and of which there is no copy. In these cases, imagination and creativity reach their peak thanks to the studied use of materials, accessories, shapes and applications. You will therefore be the only ones in the world to wear it and therefore to stand out.


Because we guarantee assistance on all our products. If you already know us you will know for sure that our bags are "eternal" and if you don't know us this is the right time to find out. Obviously, however, prolonged use over the years can lead to natural wear that can mainly concern the unstitched lining, a broken carabiner or a zipper that no longer closes. For all these small interventions we are at your disposal for their repair.