What are the Unique Pieces

“The machine makes many pieces all the same, and the different one is discarded. the craftsman makes a few different pieces and each one has its own story ".
We like to think that each of us is unique and special, which is why we love to create bags that highlight this diversity. But what does “unique piece” really mean?
When we talk about a unique piece we mean a product that we made in a moment of inspiration, impossible to replicate and of which there is no copy.
In these cases, imagination and creativity reach their peak thanks to the studied use of materials, accessories, shapes and applications. and it is thus, for example, that a model that we have always called “classic” or “continuative” is revisited and is reborn as a unique piece. How many times do we happen to find ourselves walking down the street and see someone who has the same coat or our same bag? With our one-of-a-kind piece this will never happen, you will be the only ones in the world to wear it and therefore to distinguish yourself.